Where do we Start?
I encourage you to meet with me in person,we can talk about what you would like for your ceremony, get to know each other a little, and open the lines of communication. I have many suggestions to help and guide you, many answers for you. Of course there are many things we can do by email too. Our first meeting is without obligation or charge.

I always suggest that before our first meeting you write a list of any questions you might have, and, bring with you what documentation you have at hand from the list on the previous page, so, should you wish to do the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ (first legal requirement) we can start straight away.

I can then write the first draft from what we have discussed and email it to you for your perusal.

I don’t mind how many meetings, telephone calls or emails we exchange. No question is too small or too simple to ask, our good communication is a part of the overall success.

Time Frame?
The ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ is the first legal document and must be lodged at least one month and not more than 18 months before the ceremony.

What style of weddings do you do?
I do all styles of weddings, traditional/formal, informal/casual, small/large. I am just as happy in a formal setting as I am on the beach. Sometimes it is 5 of us, sometimes it is 200. I have a Public address system that will cover up to 200 people. Every wedding is unique, this is your day, your design.

I am overseas, what do I do?
If you are overseas and want to marry in Australia this can certainly be arranged. It does require a protocol to be adhered to, but with careful attention to detail and good communication it need not be difficult.

Do we need a Rehearsal?
I always suggest a rehearsal as a part of the preparation. This gives you a clear picture of what happens on the day, helping to put you at ease. It is also a perfect time to sign the last official pre- wedding document.

Do you travel?
I travel locally, and across Australia.

I only want a small wedding where do I have it?
Your wedding venue is entirely your choice, a reception house, a restaurant, a park, a garden, your home, a friends home, and small weddings sometimes in my living room.

What happens after the wedding?
I lodge all the official paperwork. You will have the ‘ceremonial’ certificate, for the Official Certificate, or if you would like to change your name, click here.